Swans at Sharpley Golf

Some of the regular golfers will have noticed the two resident swans have had 5 signets. They move there little ones from lake to lake. Explorer is the bold signet, you usually find him with his father. His other brothers and sisters hang around with Mum!

Photo competition at Sharpley Seaham

Shot into the trees on the 6th at Sharpley - perhaps a 'tree' wood is needed???

Sue Cameron
Keep them coming to win a four ball , judging at the end of the month.

Summer at Sharpley

The photos of Sharpley Golf keep coming in. The photo below was takes by Liam Dover, it is taken near the eight green showing the Clematis almost in full bloom growing naturally in the hedgerow.
The prize is a Mid Week four ball. The winner will be notified at the end of June.