Get Into Golf

They all could find this a great sport . 
 Their first session , after full induction to this master game we will arrange an easy introduction to the course a Texas Scrambles evening 

the May Seniors Open Results

The winners of today’s Sharpley Golf Senior Men’s Open are:


John Lockey (22) and Philip Goodall (12) with a score of 45 points, and 24 points scored on the back nine.


Second: Micky Horswill (18) and Gordon Armstrong (12) with a score of 45 points, 23 on the back nine.


ThirdGordon Witte (17) and Joe Turner (12) with a score of 45 and 21 on the back nine.


Forth: Tony Sher (19) and Andrew Robson (14) with 41 and 22 on the back nine.


Fifth: Brian Graham (19) and Terry Langley (19) with 41 and 20 on the back nine.



North East Dental Surgeons 36 Holes "all filled"

Despite rain and a return of  a Winter chill wind these guys "pulled  out and extracted some great scores "
   Joe Pollard and Chris Hegarty  winning the pairs with Chris best Individual 34pts.
    off 17h.c. on the first 18 holes