A consistent golfer is someone who hits fairways and greens in regulation. First of all, a good golfer starts with good fundamentals (good grip and good posture).

Left hand grip: Firstly in a neutral grip, the club is held mainly in the fingers. It should run diagonally across from the pad at the base of the little finger to the index which means it must feel the club more in the fingers as shown in picture 1.Secondly you must see at least two knuckles as from the index to confirm that it has been held properly on the fingers as shown in picture 2. And thirdly the complete left hand grip has the thumb placed on the top of the shaft so as on the backswing; the club is well positioned on the top.
Right hand grip: The life line is placed against the left hand thumb. In contrast with the left, the right holds the club almost exclusively in the fingers. The ‘V’ created by your thumb and forefinger should be between the right shoulder and the chin as shown in the picture 3.Now imagine that rubber grip is like a bird or an egg so as it permit you to relax the muscles and helps you to turn right to left easily.

In our next newsletter, you will find out the basics fundamental of the posture. For any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our golf professionals.
Anil Neyhaul
Golf Professional
Le Touessrok Golf Academy
Trou D’eau Douce, Mauritius